Why is His Name Live Heart
Live heart is the name of my blog, which means itself directly from the heart, but if the name of the website page is different, liveheartme, which means straight from my heart, which means that all the writing on this blog is cool, right?
What's the goal, bro? yes first, I didn't know that blogging can generate commissions, before I knew that, I actually wanted to stop blogging, because I often flip through YouTube, click on the blogging tutorial correctly, forget the name of the channel, discuss in full and how to open the commission and after knowing that yes I continued blogging with enthusiasm mwhehe yes but I'm not good at typing too but mom said I just keep trying and yes I live with enthusiasm and create useful blogging

Yes, but in essence, I don't know what to do, so I created this blog
hopefully useful for all of you.
So please understand if there are errors in writing the article
And maybe that's about my introduction so thank you.

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