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In This Life, We Move From Problem To Problem, This is The Solution

Problem. According to Wikipedia defined as a statement of situation which not yet matching with the one which expecting. Surely among all of you have an problem of not?? Yes myself also so when natural me  sure problem there is problem of the other of very which its name life it is true so.
 So how to overcome it of min ?? Me alone still confuse also its way to overcome because me also migratory life from problem of to other problem of me  will allot an article which could probably make calm liver and mind all of you 

In This Life, We Move From Problem To Problem, This is The Solution
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Me Min alone still right not yet can its menghandle become what of me allot??

 forthright lah ntah of me alone also not yet known what me submit this sometimes a that solution nor come from a article but a action not so?? what need us do when us in knocking over problem and problem that is with we pass. understanding passing it? or also we have to justly experience. Me have with from a what film is forget its film me " just Experience though felt weight though you is kept quiet by nor will change something for that you have to experience him ENOUGH by EXPERIENCING him" he said 

First which in thinking of in head of me why everybody easily tell things like that?? do he have have felt him how is bitter of him a problem? or them have tau how to the fore its his??. Surely from all of you have  hear it from some people? which is champion of their yes I see yes right ?? Well from perception of that me is also formed of by experience of them knowing likely and wish to push us so that us become better later 

its Min word  wish to motivate us but  also wise  pretend gitu yes they. Yes surely it him that wise people find that wise words o mean of experience of philosophy and themselves life of their yan experience correctly of caw? yes depended also how them assess from experience of themselves. Sure all of us have a wise word make in discussing in our friends non ?? and without us realize that surely we say it

Try all of you see and perceive all famous figures to its his, surely from them all have told wise words not? yes because they have experienced of him and succeed to pass that phase. It is true for us sometime see sure him of us rather catty aja yes or so of course yes look at them converse wise so yes it is true its fact like this if us hear or read a wise word and that wise word there is its relation by problem of that moment and us  we very sulky by problem of us, sure  him we are of think about it where again mistake of us yes right ? there is oppositely mind burden add up yes. Different but again with one who patient passing him if one who patient pass a[n its problem and hear wise word of someone hence he will get a motivation motivate for complete of[is problem of which they is experience of. difference of Respon different also which we do 

But wait to wise word continue to mentioned. Why that problem come change yes friend? possible there are some factor making we get a[n that problem yes like less grateful him and which most commonly yes feel less satisfied we are to something yes caw? yes just human being of always feel less satisfied to something yes its name also sure human being  us after reaching something and surely we always wish more. So mean situation of[is problem of which we face which in fact that is US ALWAYS LESS SATISFIED TO A[N OUR ACHIEVEMENTS

That is culminate its problem  just us always less satisfied with us have though which we wish now is desire which we wish moment kan first right ? becoming yes conclusion which can me take  we have to be grateful always by what we have and we which have reach and if us of masi less satisfied yes but according to me pursue lah if that  very requiring but moment pursue we have to always bear with, yes like dream yes mean min ni yes? yes eleven twelve is same of dream or also can be referred as with ambition yes and most importantly that is JUST EXPERIENCING PATIENTLY.

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