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How to Properly Implement Visualization

Visualization is an engineering in making images for the display of information. At this time visualization has been developed by experts for use in science. Visualization is also a form of motivation that can achieve our goals, for example by imagining you have obtained results, won a competition, Albert Einsten once said "In this world there are 2 infinite, namely the universe and the human brain" Visualization also has a connection with the brain, which is what we imagine is in our brain. Besides visualizing is also a mental ability that can be used to imagine events in future.

How to Properly Implement Visualization
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1. Visualize the Event You Want

Of course the way people imagine something must be different, Well here you also have to find where your mod is good or in a happy state, the point is comfortable because if we are comfortable and happy it will be easier to imagine something in our minds or it can also be accompanied by music that brings our mods To be good. Imagine right now by closing our eyes might be more helpful for our brains to imagine it perfectly.

2. Be Accompanied With Strong Confidence

If you do it by attaching a feeling of half-confidence then it will also shake the visualization that you imagine, what you mean is believe it as if the visualization you made feels real, for example imagining you drive the car of your dreams, imagine as much detail as possible, the color is comfortable the seat is cold, the air conditioner is imagined as if you already have it.

3. Take action and effort

Of course you also have to identify your visualization which can be said as a way to realize what you imagine, of course there must also be action in this method.
For example, you want to be rich, which means you have to have a road or job where you can get rich

4. Visualize the Result, Not the Process

In general, the name visualization must imagine the process first, but later the results will be different from your expectations. Imagine the result is not the process, the result is what you want to remember the result

Yo, this is a bonus, good news for the lay people
Visualization is carried out without any action and effort where an individual expects a miracle that comes by himself. What is certain is that you must also have high luck.And the way is to diligently worship God and its actions: to imagine a miracle that comes, which means imagine something coming, you must understand the word that is slanted, the point is just imagine a large fortune that is not expected- thought came. It's good to tell you everything -_- Okay Hopefully useful

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