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Hobby? Can our Hobbies be Made Talents, of Course We Can, But There are Conditions

In general, everyone already has their own talents, but there are also those who don't know or what can be called the term hidden talent. Therefore, maybe yes, maybe in one of your hobbies there is something you can make your own talent for. But there are also those who say that talent doesn't exist but actually it is obtained through effort, but there are also those that are innate.

Hobby? Can our Hobbies be Made Talents, of Course We Can, But There are Conditions
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Hobbies are activities that are carried out in your spare time to calm yourself down or you can also call it an activity that is usually done on the basis of a very strong interest within yourself. Hobbies are also a common activity for people who really need peace and pleasure for them in the sense of a fun activity such as playing games, sports, traveling, martial arts, and others.

Now it's different from Talent. Talent is a person's basic ability to learn in an activity but has results that are more than good or the ability of someone who just by seeing immediately understands what he is doing.

Well, how do you do it, so that our hobbies can be made into our talents. In the sense of the word we will focus our hobbies into our talents. So it's quite difficult, actually, because when we do our hobbies it's said to please us, so if it's made a talent, it means we have to focus on being the best for ourselves or it could benefit ourselves according to the hobby that we want to be a talent. Back again to yourself if you will be serious and sure ?? Here are some tips:

• Dig Deeper in Your Hobbies Earlier, look for those that you don't know about your hobbies or those you haven't mastered in your hobbies, just dig deeper into your hobbies so you understand your hobby in detail :)

• Take your practice seriously and practice more. Usually, practice on what you want to be a talent is indeed important because from that you know where your weaknesses and limits are. Do more practice, find out where your mistakes and boundaries that have been in you so far :)

• Ask for People's Opinions, Usually in the exercises you often do if you can't find your mistakes, maybe in the eyes of people you can know where you went wrong, for example, with friends who like you, ask your opinion about how your ability is and from there you can change it becomes even better but that doesn't mean you ask continuously just once because if you ask too much you will always follow the words of people not yourself sometimes you also have to follow your heart :)

• Pray to ALLAH SWT, of course as His creatures we have to beg and pray to ALLAH because he is the owner of this universe, only he can make it easier so you have to pray too so HE will bless him :)

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