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Effort Will Make You Realize What Struggle Is

In general, everyone will try their best to get something they want, of course it's commonplace for us, but when we have achieved the result it doesn't even match our expectations, that's what God loves us what he gives is the best. for us, sometimes what we think is bad is to be the best for us and vice versa.

In the end we will definitely accept what we have done in the form of results that we didn't want earlier, why is that? Time is what makes us grateful for what we have, but we need to distinguish what we each work on, such as work, physicality, face, property and so on.

Effort Will Make You Realize What Struggle Is
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Usually this happens to the assets that we have where we see the person below us has simple assets but he is very happy to have it and he praises what we have as if he really wants what we have which we think is bad for us it makes us think that what we have is really wanted by others. Do we have to be like that first, then we realize what we have is beautiful? Yes, like that, we must be beaten from the praise of people first, then we realize how beautiful we have, But if we look at those who are more than us, aka people who have better assets than us, surely those who think that what we have is only a fraction for him Why can it be like that yes it returns to each of us we also have our sustenance each and it must be left alone for us to find his way.

Returning to our main topic, that effort will make us realize that we are happy to do a struggle that we dream of where we always pursue and pursue what we want and look for opportunities and the way. Most people when they realize that they will suddenly become wise, so when we listen to stories of successful people, pay attention, remember to listen and learn, not just listen to stories, look carefully, take what is good and save it how do you know the story later, it will definitely be useful when we need it.

So in essence, if you are trying in any way, if you haven't received the results, believe it, then you will receive the results, but if it doesn't match your expectations, maybe that's what will actually be useful for you later :)

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