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Being Grateful is Important Why ?? Here it is The Explanation

What is gratitude? Gratitude is a feeling where an individual feels or responds positively to himself or his environment. Why do we need to be grateful because what we have, which one knows is what someone desires, do not we always look up occasionally see the person below us .

Indeed, it is a human nature where he is always less satisfied with what he has now, he always feels less, but if a human being feels grateful then his blessings will be added.

Being Grateful is Important Why ?? Here it is The Explanation
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Most people are only grateful for a moment because seeing the person above them, you know the friends of the people you see, it is not necessarily like the reality that we think there is a bloody process that he went through or a very big effort, but unfortunately it is our own can not see the effort he went through, we can only see the results, so from that start to be grateful from now on from what you have that sustenance is definitely friends and comes at the right time.

Now from now on, this second is also grateful, friends, not only in the thought, do it starting from small things and try to always be positive thinking, whatever the conditions are, they say it's good, yeah, I understand but start small.

Also do your prayers on time, try occasionally try to observe the people around you why he can smile why he can prosper why does he seem to have no sense of lacking why does he always look happy for whom he works to be like because he is always Thankful, yes, there are also people who are now hiding their sadness behind their smiles, which means that they are strong and steadfast, accompanied by gratitude. as time goes by and one more thing, we don't compare ourselves too often with other people, be grateful for what's there eaaaa okeee.

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