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Why do Sad Songs Get Carried Away? Here is The Explanation

Song is a composition of tone art in the form of a combination or a voice in a sequential form accompanied by a musical tempo that has unity. Songs also have their respective genres such as Hip-Hop, Jazz, Reggae, Pop, Rock and many others. Songs are created by a songwriter or sung by a singer whose goal is to convey the message in the lyrics and express what he feels and sees by the songwriter and singer of the song.

Now in this article I will discuss why sad songs are liked by many people ??
When you are sad, what do you do? from observation and my experience I saw someone talk about it with their close friends who are always there to hear them,

Why do Sad Songs Get Carried Away? Here is The Explanation
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There are also those who vent their sadness with some of the activities they do such as screaming or crying cornered in their room or there are also those who are looking for posts about enthusiasm and strong will be patient, Now there are also those who listen to sad songs. Sad songs are usually heard because very express how he himself (who listens to the song)

Therefore, it usually makes the felling person very calm because they are influenced by the instruments of the song. Usually people who hear this sad song are in a state where it is contrary to what they planned or in a state of slump so that listening to sad songs is the best for them.

It's okay to actually listen to a sad song after all there is no prohibition, but most people listen to the song too much to make him down or live the god level, on the other hand, maybe the singer is very happy because the song he created is very much lived in by the listener, But for you, make yourself a sad dictionary as if it were like that (it can't be expressed in words), yes, the name is also a sad state that cannot be denied. Me message, listen to it is fine, but don't hinder our activities and don't forget to always be happy :)

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