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Time is Money Do it Right Now

As the title implies, take advantage of your time right now, why? what should be ?? If possible, you have to, have you never heard from the words of people who are older than us, usually he conveyed this in the middle of his conversation, he said "take advantage of your time, don't waste your time now with activities that are useless for you "why do those who are older than us often say words like that ??

Time is Money Do it Right Now
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There are several factors for him to say a word like that but depending on him, sometimes the words that someone says are sometimes for himself, but let's look deeper into it, the factor might be that he himself has experienced it and regretted it and maybe he saw us. it's like seeing him when he used to be so maybe he reminds us of what we do to be useful later for ourselves, maybe this is also a form of his concern for us that he lectured. It is undeniable that if there is someone who reprimands us and lectures us for doing good it's impossible right ?? that's why he advised us that later we will not regret what we did.

Returning to the main topic, it is true that if we waste our time on activities that are not useful to us, it will have a negative impact later, but it is not an immediate effect, the name is regret. So what should be done so that there are no words of regret later?

For example, like we are doing an activity that is beneficial to us, the point is that it is positive, not positive, it is pregnant, yes -_- it is okay for you. continue again what positive activities are we doing ?? Like for example sports, learning right, turning your hobbies into talents, increasing knowledge and seeking experience. So in essence, fill your activities with activities that are positive and useful for you, usually if you find them and are comfortable doing them, time will pass very quickly and you will realize that you used to fill your activities with positive activities that have a good impact. for you at a later date

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