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Motivation is Very Important For a Student, Why?

Learning is an obligation for every student. Learning can, of course, take place in schools, homes and other places as long as it makes it easy for students to listen and apply it. In addition, learning motivation for students will increase if they are comfortable and happy or there is no interference with their fellow students. Therefore, of course, we must motivate students to be better than before. Well, there we can see the positive impact that is given to all students, but if a student has gotten a good grade it will be even better than before.

Motivation is Very Important For a Student, Why?
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The following is a positive impact if students are motivated:

- Increased enthusiasm for learning, that way students will more easily absorb / listen to lessons explained by the teacher besides that students will also be happy because they have a level of enthusiasm that makes them happy to learn

- Increased self-confidence, so if a student becomes a confident alias confident, it will be easier for him to express his opinion about the lesson and in terms of questions raised by the teacher in the learning process

- Increased grades in lessons, in general, motivation is given to all students before taking the test which makes the student confident of his good grades.

- Making him a better person, not all of the motivation is to improve the learning patterns of students but also to make him a better and more polite person.

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